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Michael A. Horvich

After a 30+ year teaching career, Michael has been retired for 20+ years but has been more than active as an educator, speaker, story teller, writer, poet, photographer, blogger, artist, jeweler, lecturer, actor, supernumerary, museum curator, flea circus ring master, philanthropist, and Dementia/Alzheimer’s caregiver partner for his life partner Gregory Maire (RIP 2015.)

Most recently, Michael has been speaking about Alzheimer’s disease to groups including: Northshore University Health Care System Division of Palliative Care and Hospice, United Methodist Church of LaGrange Illinois, University of Chicago Middle School Students, Lieberman Center for Health and Rehabilitation, Sherman Plaza Book and Social Club, Dementia Alliance International out of Australia, Pritzker School of Medicine, Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Business, Great Lakes Alzheimer’s Association, Battle Creek Congregational Church, 33rd Annual Alzheimer’s Disease International Convention, Proud Seniors of Athens Greece, Teepa Snow’s online dementia newsletter, “Positive Approach to Care,” and Chicago LGBTQ Center on Halsted.

Michael will be making presentations during 2019, including; a key-note at the Mayo Clinic/Alzheimer's Association Minnesota-North Dakota Conference, DePaul University, Northwestern University Medical Center, Evanston Art Center, and the Prime Timers Men’s Group of Chicago.

His life partner, Gregory was diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s twelve years ago during the 29th year of their 41-year relationship. A 15-minute documentary, “ALZHEIMER’S: A Love Story,” is available for viewing which follows them for a week, approximately 6 months before Gregory died. The documentary so far has been accepted by more than 90 film festivals in the U.S. and around the world and has won over 30 awards including two at the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival.

As you watch the documentary and hear Michael’s presentation, the fact that it deals with a same-sex couple and Alzheimer’s Disease begins to disappear. What emerges is a love story about any two people who love each other and what they face during a catastrophic, long term illness. The story he tells provides hope in what could be a hopeless situation!

Michael can tailor his presentation to deal with: Living Well with Alzheimer’s, Developing a New Sense of Family and Home During Illness, Ongoing and Anticipatory Grief, End of Life Planning and Decision Making, The Special Impact of Illness on Gay Couples, Coming Out Gay in the 50’s, Gay History, and other topics you may help him define.

Michael can also share some of his poetry with your group. He has self-published two volumes of very assessable poetry, many of his poems are informed by living with Alzheimer’s but also deals with life’s humor, insights, anecdotes, observations, dreams, etc. The books can be sold at the event for the price of $20.00 each, with $5.00 going to your establishment, $10.00 to the Not-For-Profit - More Than Ever Education Fund, and $5.00 to cover the cost of printing. Michael will be happy to autograph the books.

Following the presentation and viewing of the documentary, a Question/Answer Session can be held. Refreshments and/or lunch, provided by you, are always a good addition. The entire program is flexible and can take between one and two hours. Michael will be happy to talk with you about tailoring the presentation to your needs.